What are the simple and delicious weight loss recipes that are made during weight loss?

Want to lose weight, three-point training, seven points to eat! A reasonable diet is the key to successful weight loss. Once you decide to lose weight, you must arrange your diet strictly and critically. Only by controlling your diet can you achieve the desired weight loss.

Of course, the controlled diet here is definitely not a diet! In the past, I have emphasized that I must not diet during weight loss. Hungry or "noon to eat" can really make your weight drop, but the self-protection mechanism in human genes will let your body enter the "famine mode", your basal metabolism will drop sharply, when you recover When eating, the body tends to store more fat. The result is a rapid rebound. After rebounding, the body fat rate is higher than before, and the more the fat is reduced...

To make matters worse, severe dieting can cause malnutrition. Even if you lose weight, it will be unhealthy and thin, and your physical strength and spirit will be very poor. It is not your dream state!

In fact, people who have really experienced healthy weight loss understand that the more you eat, the cleaner you eat, the better you eat, and the more your basal metabolism will increase. To lose weight, you must not be ill-treated with your mouth and appetite. Losing weight and eating goods do not conflict at all! So, what should we eat during weight loss?

In fact, everyone has heard of the basic principles, such as not eating sugar additives and sweets, eliminating high-salt foods, and replacing high-GI fine rice noodles with low-GI coarse grains.

Structure matching can be summarized as: a large number of high-quality protein + a large number of vegetables + moderate amount of high-quality fat + moderate amount of low-GI carbohydrates.

Speaking of this, everyone is discouraged - we eat in the cafeteria restaurant every day, or takeaway, the common feature of these foods is that oil! too! Big! Moreover, it is difficult to ensure a reasonable diet structure for eating food. It is said that the staple food is sold outside the rice steamed bread. Where can I find purple potato oats?

Therefore, I have always told everyone that if you want to eat well and be healthy, you must start your own cooking and try to reduce the food! Make a day's meal in the morning and bring a lunch box to work!

Regarding the specific belt, only the posts that do not give the recipes are hooligans! The recipe given this time is simple and delicious. Moreover, if many office workers cook their own meals, they must also ask for convenience. So today, I am here in one step, directly to give you a few artifacts, with a few artifacts below, you can arrange your own fat-reducing recipes, and ensure that it is simple and delicious!

1.Egg Steamer

For the artifact of steamed egg, the advantage of this thing is that the power is small, it can be used anywhere; it is small, easy to carry, and it can carry the steamer with you when you are on a business trip. Every morning, cook yourself at the hotel; full of functions, don't think that steamed eggs can only steam eggs, fried can be! What's more, he can put the staple vegetables and vegetables out of the pot, which is very worry-free. You can wash your makeup and make a day of fat-reducing meals!

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A day's staple food can be done in one pot!

Will not stir-fry? Chicken breast onions are cooked and cooked, sprinkle with black pepper, very delicious!

When you are steaming, go to other things! You can mix the vegetable salad with you, don't put the salad dressing, the heat is too high!

Don't fry the steak!

To say more here, you must not eat meat during weight loss! On the contrary, for this kind of high-quality protein, it is necessary to increase the intake, and losing weight without eating meat is the biggest misunderstanding! Anyway, I am eating meat and eating thin, and dieting has no real effect.

This fish rib is fried with steamed egg a few days ago, 0 oil added!

2.the small oven

When it comes to fat-reducing artifacts, the oven certainly has an important place! The biggest advantage of the oven is that... you don't have to wash the dishes, of course you don't have to keep staring, no fumes.

It is recommended that the ingredients be prepared the day before and baked the next morning. The whole process usually takes no more than 20 minutes. When you bake things, wrap them in tin foil. If you bake them, you can use your intelligence! Beef, fish, cauliflower, enoki mushroom, sweet potato, these can be easily done!

This oven is smaller than a microwave oven, only 6L, but it is enough!

After baking, put it into the lunch box and go to work, take it out at noon and kill those little friends who are called takeaway!

3. Yogurt machine

Why recommend this? Because yogurt is always one of the foods that girls like, it seems that few people do not like to drink yogurt, and yogurt is also a source of high-quality protein, but also helps digestion, a lot of physical benefits.

but! 99% of the yogurt sold in the market contains sugar! And it's a lot of sugar! Some people often lose weight during the weight loss period, which only allows you to run counter to the target! How can I lose weight by eating so many polysaccharides every night?

Well, since yogurt itself is a good thing, it is not reliable in the market, we can do it ourselves!

The yogurt machine seems to be very complicated to listen to, and it is necessary to ferment the lactic acid bacteria. How can it be done? In fact, making yogurt should be the easiest thing in the world! The yogurt machine is just a small heater, so you can learn for 3 minutes.

Buy some lactic acid bacteria on the Internet, put a few bags of pure milk into the yogurt machine, sprinkle the lactic acid bacteria proportionally, press the yogurt machine switch, wait seven to eight hours, fresh yogurt will come out! Then put it in the refrigerator for a few hours. Take it out and have a taste! It’s sour!

Tips, no matter how much acid, do not put sugar and honey, these two things are high GI food, will make your blood sugar rise sharply, accumulate fat!

4.the cake

The biscuits were originally used for pancakes, but how can they eat high-oil pancakes during weight loss? Be sure to eat high quality protein - beef. Of course, this cake can also be done!

Just go to the market and buy a large piece of beef, let the boss cut it into a steak shape for you, come back with black pepper, and you can eat it with a biscuit. Of course, the biscuits can also heat a variety of vegetables, and the principle of cooking is the same. Moreover, the bottom of the pan is generally of good quality and is also electrically heated, so there is no need to worry about sticking or panning.

5. Air fryer

Ok, finally arrived at the final finale big BOSS, high-tech products, air fryers!

First look at the food fried in the air fryer, which is "oily" -

When I saw the shape of the air fryer for the first time, I thought it was a vacuum cleaner...

Its internal structure is like this -

Have you seen the pot that the pot goes in from below?

The principle of the air fryer. The air fryer is equivalent to an oven + powerful hair dryer, which quickly takes away the water vapor generated by the heating, and then the food skin is just like the fried taste!

Really amazing!

Of course, these five artifacts have their own advantages and disadvantages, and their usage is very diverse. When cooking, you must pay attention to it. You can use oil without oil, and you can put less oil when you put less oil! Also pay attention to not adding sugar, less salt! As long as you use your hard work and ingenuity, delicious food can not be obtained from seasonings!

I hope everyone can lose weight successfully!

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