Business cooperation plan

Brand introduction:

ADBIU products are mainly special kitchen tools, covering dish drying rack, knife and utensil rack, storage rack and dozens of different categories. We stand in the forefront of kitchen tools, and keep continuing to design and produce new products to meet the needs of all kinds of kitchen tools. The purpose is to provide the perfect consumption experience for everyone while creating the perfect kitchen environment.

Investment reasons:

Expand the overseas market.

Brand advantages:

1. OEM, exclusive factory in China. Ensure First-class quality, stable supply.

2. Independent research and development, manufacturing and design departments. Real-time grasp of the latest information, and rapid product iteration. Lower price than aliexpress.

3. Excellent product quality, made of 304 stainless steel.

4. Support 10-year warranty.


1. Familiar with the kitchen tools market, a certain ability to develop the new market.

2. A strong dedication and sales career enthusiasm.

3. Experience in e-commerce, offline sales and kitchen appliance dealers are preferred.

4. Contact email with the intention of join:

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