20 kitchen skills every young person should know

I have been practicing kitchen skills by my mother since I was a child. The work performed includes but is not limited to: peeling garlic, washing vegetables, chopping green onions, not washing them, washing more dishes, taking something from the refrigerator, forgetting to cut a certain raw material. However, when I was already cooking, I urgently helped to cut the vegetables. When I was idle, I went to wash the bowl. When she was reading, she went to the kitchen to give her a fire. 

I often felt when I was young... I watched TV. Well, you don’t seem to be right or wrong. Why do you have to pull an unskilled child laborer to the kitchen? Probably I can't see that I am free when she is busy, oh no, probably just want to cultivate my kitchen skills. It turned out to be quite effective. After I graduated from college and lived independently, I found that countless kitchen tips I used to master in the kitchen were so useful. Many of the tips I saw on cooking books have been deeply imprinted on my mind. I also wan

Use the skills in the knife:

1. Every time you cut the vegetables, you must sharpen the knife. The fast knife does not hurt your hand. The knife that is not fast or slow is easy to hurt your hand.

2. If the cutting board is easy to slide, use a wet rag to place under the cutting board.

3. When cutting vegetables, the fingers should be buckled inward and bent naturally, so that it is not easy to cut the nails when the knife goes down.

Tips for cutting vegetables:

4. If you want to peel the ginger, it is more convenient to use the iron spoon than to use the knife.

5. Garlic can be easily peeled off after being smashed with a kitchen knife.

6. The box of lactone tofu cuts the four corners of the bottom first, then cuts the package, and it will be more complete and not easy to break.

7. If the hand is very hot after cutting the pepper, you can pour a little vinegar into your hand and ease it. Blue Goose My mom never asked me to peel my head. "Do not scratch your head, your hands will itch, let your father peel."

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8. The large cauliflower is not easy to fry, and it is better to cut into slices. When frying cauliflower, always fry with oil, don't let water, it is better than the taste of water. Personal taste does not like to use boiled hot pot to cook cauliflower, I feel that it has not been cooked all the time.

9. The pointed end of the pepper should be cut open, so that the fire is more even when fried, this position is not easy to have a spicy taste.

Skills in cooking:

10. It is better to eat a little wrinkled skin with cowpeas and green beans, and it will be so thoroughly fried. It is also because of personal taste, I don’t like to cook beans first with a hot method~~

11. After the carrots are fried and fried, it is better to put some water to boil.

This is of course a personal taste, and our family likes to eat soft carrots. However, I later found that some of my friends around me didn't like carrots when they were young, and they felt strange grassy taste. Well, soft carrots won't

12. Use a spatula when frying the peppers. The peppers can be fried.

Tips for preservation of ingredients:

13. Buy more meat stuffing bags and store them in cold storage. Remember to squash when you are frozen, so that they can be thawed quickly.

14. The shredded pork can be cut a little more at a time. If it is used again within two or three weeks, it will be cooked in a semi-ripe in the pan. After cooling, cover the plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator, instead of putting the raw pork directly. Stored in cold storage, it is not easy to break.

15. A large pot of cooking in the pressure cooker, there is no place in the refrigerator for the time being, then do not open the pressure cooker cover for the time being, so that it can be left overnight.

16. Too lazy to cut the onion every time you cook, just cut it a little more, dry it and put it in the refrigerator for free storage. However, I have different opinions on this point. I think that the frozen onion is convenient, but the onion is not so rich, so I am still cutting it now. But if the kitchen novice is always too late to prepare the ingredients, then you can try this method.

17. Keep your eggs up when you store them, as this is the air chamber of the eggs, so that the eggs are kept fre

Kitchen cleaning tips:

18. Put a kitchen towel under the cooker hood and change it from time to time to save the trouble of rubbing oil.

19. Bowls filled with more fat meat (that is, bowls filled with oyster sauce) should be washed with hot water and washed more easily. 

20. Keep hands on the kitchen, tableware and cooking. Prepare a wet rag when cooking. After a meal is finished, wipe the table with a damp cloth to keep the stove clean. If you cut the vegetables and wash the dishes with oil on your hands, always use a hand sanitizer to clean them, so that you can get them everywhere.

I have been working in the kitchen for so many years and have lived independently for several years. These kitchen tips have made me more comfortable when cooking, and the days when I worked alone outside the room seemed to be less sad. Write these tips to this side, if it is useful to you, it would be better~

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