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Electric Egg Cooker/Boiler, Rapid Egg-Maker, Egg-Steamer & Poacher

Electric Egg Cooker/Boiler, Rapid Egg-Maker, Egg-Steamer & Poacher Item NO.: 0021

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  • Easily boil, poach, or steam up to 7 eggs in minutes, faster than stovetop method.
  • No need to wait for the eggs to cool to move them after cooking. With the tray lifting tool, you can have your brunch with hot, freshly cooked eggs. Whether you like your eggs hard or soft boiled, scrambled, omelet or poached, breakfast has never been easier!
  • Stainless steel lid, cooking, and poaching trays are top rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. No more fighting over whose turn it is to do the dishes thanks to this versatile, convenient egg cooker.
  • Not only can you steam eggs to hard-boiled perfection or create tender poached eggs, but you can also steam a variety of vegetables, making this an even more versatile kitchen tool for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time.
Product Name Electric Egg Cooker/Boiler, Rapid Egg-Maker, Egg-Steamer & Poacher
Item NO. 0021
Weight 0.5 kg = 1.1023 lb = 17.6370 oz
Category Other
Tag Electric Egg , Egg-Steamer , Poacher
Creation Time 2019-10-24



Other than the afore mentioned poacher, the product is small making it easy to store, easy to clean.



We had a different brand originally but it wore out after a year. We are not sure how this will last but it is doing a great job for us right now. I recommend this machine.



Very easy to use



Perfect cook. Easy peel. No discoloration. Just follow simple instructions.



I use mine for hard boiled eggs and they turn out perfect. Easy to clean. Very durable.



It cooks eggs, at least poached eggs. That’s all I’ve tried so far. Poached eggs came out great. My only complaint is the poaching tray is not wider for each egg. I wish it had two, egg poaching trays for two eggs each that allows the egg to spread out more. As designed, the eggs come out and barely covers half a piece of toast. But now that I’m invested in this egg cooker, I need to find smaller bread to toast and that’s not as easy as it sounds. Oh yeah, I could toast a piece and then cut it in half, but cutting it in half doesn’t actually work. I’d have to cut a third off the top and a third off one side in order to have a smaller square. But then what do I do with the wasted bread? Plus only two sides have crust. Of course, once I find the smaller bread, I’ll need to start looking for a smaller toaster. Anyway, food for thought, as they say.



I was pretty well sold watching the video and I can't complain about the price. I made a batch of boiled eggs and it works very well. I may have to see if piercing the air bubble end make a difference which I'm not sure was mentioned. It may be something I didn't catch. Can't wait to try the next task.



Product arrived fast and in perfect condition. First, I soft-boiled 2 'refrigerated' large eggs with tap water (I filled the provided cup to the top soft-boiled line). Perfectly done! Once unit was cool, wiped tray with paper towel dampened with white vinegar and voila; tray was clean. A week later, I hard-boiled 8 'refrigerated' large eggs with tap water filled to the top line on measuring cup. I experimented with this batch by accidentally poking a hole in the small end of one egg instead of the large end. Egg white bubbled out of this one but the egg still cooked well. I cooled the eggs in a cold bowl of water with some ice cubes. Peeling from the top (wide end), the shells came off easily without taking pieces of egg. Every egg was perfectly hard-boiled. I love this cooker!Make sure you poke the top (large end where the air bubble is) and place them in the cooker with pin hole up! (The woman in the Cuisinart video pokes the wrong end of the egg.) I wonder if the lower line markings are for room temperature eggs?



This is my third CEC. On an average I use it four times a week to make poached eggs. I also use the CAC to make ten hard boiled eggs at a time. Using the CEC allows for peeling the shells off a snap. My suggestion for prospective owners of the CEC is to use white vingar to clean the the water heating plate.



Nice , does the job



Worked perfectly. I made deviled eggs the day it arrived. It was awesome, I have not tried to make an omelette nor poached eggs. Just have not gotten around to making an omelette & I am uncomfortable making egg with the yolk runny. Salmonella is not my idea of fun.



Our second purchase!! The first one we bought was purchased in 2016, so it had a great run! Bought this one to update our prior Cuisinart egg cooker that had begun to leak quite a bit. This model has a metal strip around the outer egg holder ring that I believe will help to prevent any leakage. Letting the ring completely cool before washing is probably best also. I didn’t always do that previously and I’m pretty sure that was the root cause for the leaking in our previous one. We love this item. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



Love everything about this egg cooker. Poached eggs & hard boiled eggs come out perfect.



Love that the instructions were simple and easy and right out of the box immediately made perfect hard boiled eggs for egg salad.



I love this product. It’s so easy to make different kinds of eggs. Great for traveling and I like that I was not microwaving our breakfast.You need white vinegar to clean the metal.



Great value! It's foolproof for boiling eggs and can do more. I've been using it for 2 months with excellent results.



Works eggceptionally well



The first time I used it to cook 8-hard boiled eggs. They came out perfectly cooked, and the best part was they were so easy to peel!



When I ordered this I was hoping it would make hard boiled eggs easy to peel and I was amazed how easy it made the to peel. Very Happy



Absolutely love this Cuisinart product. Eggs are perfectly cooked. Hurray!

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