How to choose and arrange a Christmas tree?- christmas tree ideas

I made one myself, using branches!


First of all, the traditional Christmas tree is like this!

I feel: big! Good place! (Of course, there are also trumpet, but I always feel that this kind of release is too much trouble!)

Most of the young people's houses are not very big. If you put a realistic Christmas tree, there is no room for spinning and jumping when you are happy! Too small a Christmas tree has no festive atmosphere.

It’s really bad!

So this time I am going to get something that doesn't take up space and is different!

Of course, the most powerful ones have to do it themselves, so I went to the mountains to pick up the branches and pine cones!

Next is the moment of hands-on!

It is good to connect the branches from long to short and from thin to thick!

Then on the wall:

Just hang up the decorations and string lights!

Next is the garland:

First prepare a cardboard (slightly thicker), then draw two concentric circles on it, the size is determined according to your needs!

Then cut it down

The next step is to stick various decorations on it!

It is recommended to stick from large objects first.

Fill the gap with small objects later, and do not leak the cardboard.
Pay attention to color matching and materials (I am happy)

Is not it simple!

If there is no hot melt adhesive fixed with thin wire or wire, but there is no convenient, fast, simple, good-looking, firm, generous, fashion!

There are also friends who like to buy a hot melt glue gun, super convenient and easy to use, let you DIY can not stop!

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