Top 50 Simple life skills can enhance great happiness

1. Blow the dryer on the label, and when the glue is hot, it will be easy to tear the label off

2. After drinking tea, leave ugly tea stains inside the cup, wash the tea stains with toothpaste, very clean

3. Apply soap immediately after a mosquito bite and it won't itch. I always do

4, travel with clothes if afraid of wrinkles can be rolled up every piece of clothing.

5, when frying meat, first put the meat with baking soda water soak 10 minutes, to drop water, and then into the taste, Fried out will be very tender and smooth.

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6. No matter where your shoes rub your feet, just rub a little white wine on the ground where your shoes rub your feet

7, the bag has a stain or dirty words, you can use cotton dipped in balm wipe

8, yellow teeth, you can chew peanuts and then hold in your mouth, use it to brush your teeth ~3 minutes ~ very effective ~

9, after washing a face, touch some fine salt with the finger to be rubbed gently on both sides of nose head, next reoccupy clear water is blunt, black head acne can clear clean, wool pore also can decrescent.

10, the eyes into the small dust, close the eyes cough a few times, the dust in the eyes will come out.

11, when the burp drink some vinegar will not play, I am so, immediately

12, when washing feet in the foot basin put a few pieces of compound sulfamidazole bubble more than 10 minutes, 3 days to ensure that it is good

13, we ate something with a peculiar smell, garlic, stinky tofu, eat a few peanuts

14, and eat spicy things, feel to be spicy to death, put salt into your mouth, including once, spit out, little thoughts,

15, treatment cough (especially dry cough) soil method: before going to bed at night, with pure sesame sesame sesame oil Fried eggs, oil put a little more, what seasoning do not put, eat while it is hot to sleep, even eat a few days effect is very obvious!

16, 16,wrist long thick MM want to take a thin bracelet how to do, can't hard belt, want to come to some opportunely. In fact, it is very simple, is a plastic bag on the hand to wear those usually not easy to take bracelet, very easy to wear, will not hurt the hand, take the same method

17, go out at any time in the bag with a small dry battery, if your skirt with static if the battery positive pole in the skirt wipe a few times can get rid of static electricity

18, mouth ulcer, with vitamin C paste in the ulcer, such as it melt, ulcer is basically good.

19, if the throat, gingiva inflammation, at 10 o 'clock in the evening, the watermelon cut into small pieces, stained with salt to eat, remember that if 10 o 'clock sharp, the symptoms will be alleviated, the next day is good, this is a buddhist aunt told me, really very clever!!!

20,Chestnuts are hard to peel. When the shell is peeled off, turn the chestnuts in the microwave oven

21,Table, bottle surface traces with balm can erase!

22, not good shampoo also don't lose washing sweater when to go in the words of the ball

23, to the tomato skin, you can use a fork or chopsticks inserted tomato lower part, with gas small fire slightly roasted, the skin will automatically crack.

24, as long as the jewelry box put a piece of small chalk, can make jewelry long retain luster

25,When arranging flowers, put a drop of detergent in the water, can last for several days!

26, the head point eye drops slightly open your mouth, so that the eyes will not blink.

27, put the walnut into a pot of steam for 10 minutes take out into cold water and then break open can take out the whole walnut

28, if there is a small area of skin injury or burn, scald, wipe a little toothpaste, can immediately stop bleeding pain, but also to prevent infection, the curative effect is quite good.

29, dumplings cooked, first with strainer the dumplings out, then into the warm water dip rinse, and then plate, dumplings will not stick to each other.

30. Put the shrimps into a bowl, add a little fine salt and edible soda powder, rub them with your hands for a while, then soak them in water, and then rinse them with water, so that the shrimps can be transparent as crystal, tender and delicious

31, and dumpling surface tips 1: in 1 jin flour mixed with 6 egg whites, make the surface protein increase, the package of dumplings after the pot protein will soon solidify contraction, dumplings after the pot water quickly, not easy adhesion

32, the residual tea immersed in water for several days, pouring in the root of the plant, can promote plant growth; Dry residual tea leaves, put in the toilet or ditch burning fumigation, can eliminate foul odor, with the function of repellent flies.

33, sandwich rice cooking method: if it is rice, you can use chopsticks in the rice into some holes through the bottom of the pot, sprinkle a little rice wine to braise, if only the surface sandwich, as long as the surface to the middle and then braise.

34,When cooking vegetables if you must blanch, blanch the water best use of good food. Such as do dumplings dishes, blanched water can be put in the right amount of meat, so that the preservation of nutrition, and make dumplings filling delicious soup

35, scrambled eggs tips: eggs into the bowl, add a little warm water stir evenly, pour into the pan fry, fry into the pot drop a little wine, so Fried out of the egg fluffy, tender, delicious.

36, how to use casserole 1: newly bought casserole the first time use, had better be used to boil porridge, or use it to boil a thick wash rice water, to plug the casserole fine pores, prevent seepage water.

37, use "thirteen incense" skillfully: when stew with tangerine peel, rich flavor; Eat beef and mutton and angelica dahurica, but in addition to mutton fresh; Homemade sausage with cinnamon, delicious; Cloves for smoked chicken and bacon.

38, and dumpling surface tips 2: the face and a little bit hard, and after good in the basin cover tightly sealed, 10-15 minutes, such as the surface of gluten water absorption expansion, fully form gluten before dumplings

39,Coriander is a kind of umber flower kind of plant, rich in essential oil, aroma rich, but essential oil volatile, and can not afford to heat for a long time, coriander had better be added before eating, in order to retain its aroma.

40, when carrying out high temperature washing or drying procedures, do not touch the door glass to avoid scald. When taking out dried clothes, be careful of the metal parts of the clothes, such as zippers, buttons, etc., to avoid burns.

41. If the collar and cuffs are dirty, soak the clothes in warm water with washing powder for 15-20 minutes before washing them properly.

42, how to use the casserole 2: with the casserole soup, stew, to put water into the casserole first, then put the casserole on the fire, first with a gentle fire,? Group purchase network, then use the fire.

43,When cooking vegetables, add a little water chestnut starch, make soup thickened, not only can make cooking vegetables delicious, and because starch contains glutathione, have a protective effect on vitamins.

44, if the rice burned, quickly turn off the fire, put a piece of bread on the rice, cover the pot, 5 minutes later, the bread can be paste absorption.

45,Washing powder dosage: if the clothes are not too dirty or washing too much foam, then reduce the amount of washing powder dosage. Avoid using too much detergent, save money and protect the environment, and make your washing machine last longer.

46, boil dumplings to add enough water, to add 2% of the water after boiling salt, dissolve the next dumpling, can increase the toughness of gluten, dumplings will not stick skin, stick the bottom, the color of dumplings will become white, soup dumplings sweet.

47,Many people love to eat vegetables but do not love to drink soup, in fact, when cooking, most of the vitamins have dissolved in the soup. For example, when cabbage is cooked, 70% of vitamin C is dissolved in vegetable soup.

48, white socks if the yellow, available laundry detergent solution immersion after 30 minutes for washing.

49, how to use casserole 3: from the top of the fire under the casserole, must be put on the dry board or straw mat, cut do not put on the tile or cement floor.

50,Cooking meat dishes, in addition to the wine, and a little vinegar, the food will become fragrant. When the vegetable dish such as firing bean sprout, add vinegar appropriately, taste good nutrition is good or not, because vinegar has protective effect to vitamin.

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