3 Favorite Fall Drinks You Can Make at Home

Another season is upon us! Try these 3 fall favorites to make and drink in your apartment home!

  • Hot Dr Pepper

– Disclaimer: If you’re not a Texan, this may not be for you! Dr Pepper is a true love for those of us in the South, so obviously we are always looking for additional ways to drink it. Since I was little, I have visited fall festivals with pumpkin patches, funnel cakes, crafts, games, and they’d serve cups of hot Dr Pepper. I remember thinking it sounded unpleasant at first, but once you try it you can’t deny it! It’s as simple as using your kitchen to warm the soda in a saucepan, heating it to 180 degrees, then pouring it into your favorite mug. Some people like to add lemon slices to it for their preferred flavor.


  • Cider

Ciders can be made many ways, but the most common cider in fall is apple. With just few ingredients of apples, sugar, cinnamon and spice – you can make your own version of cider in the comfort of your home. Whether you like it cold or hot, cider is a fall favorite, so you can’t go wrong! You can try making it with different types of fruit, or even in some recipes alcohol to turn it into an adult beverage. This detailed recipe should do the trick for you this season!


  • Hot Chocolate

Whether it’s using Swiss Miss packets or popping your k-cup in the machine, hot chocolate is as easy to make as ever. Add some whip cream on top and it’s a fall favorite! The true hot chocolate is made on the stove with sugar, cocoa, milk and a little vanilla extract. This recipe for a simple cup of hot cocoa will give you a try at a homemade cup. There are so many ways to make your hot chocolate your own, but you can always try these 3 secret add-ins to spice it up!


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