The kitchen brings me closer to the kids

The weekly baking time has never been better for my children and me.

The heavy work of each week made Ben and I grow apart, as if we had not communicated with each other for a long time. When Ben argued with me about some trivial matters one day, I found that I was so strange in Ben's eyes. But over the past few weeks, we've talked about almost everything, thanks to my newfound family activity -- baking.

This is probably the easiest and most effective way I can find to repair the gap with Ben. It does not require all kinds of advanced kitchen utensils or expensive cooking training courses. We just work together every week with a thick baking tutorial.

Ben also grew a lot during the baking process.

Ben became a good communicator

From the rejection at the beginning to our happy communication at the end, god seemed to change Ben. Now he would express his needs to me and share his daily life with me.
Ben became more patient
Ben didn't seem to be able to stand any long wait. If he waited too long, he would get upset and yell at people nearby. Now we sit in the oven together and wait for our pieces to swell and form.
Baking changed everything for me, but it really helped Ben and me get along better.
Spend an afternoon baking cookies with your kids to brighten up an ordinary day. Spend your free time making delicious snacks, and you'll look back on those sweet memories with warmth.

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