Comfortable and Convenient Kitchen Spices Storage Rule

Spice storage need to meet the convenience and aesthetics

It means your kitchen should be neat and bright and neat means to be able to learn to hide.

On this problem everyone have his own experience, so for spice storage, everyone should get used to his habit according to his experience and achieve fast and convenient purpose.

Basic spices, such as sugar, salt and kitchen paper should be in handy places. According to the principle of the 75cm radius of the convenient working space in the kitchen, we can arrange the available space from top to bottom. 

Here are some tips for how to use your countertop.

Kitchen Spice Rack Wall Mount Organizer

1、Side by side:

Place your spice bottles side by side directly.

2、Setting layers
2 or more tiers storage rack can store more spice bottles, and your kitchen will be more tidier.

Spice Rack Wall Mount Organize

3、Tray collection.
Similar to cartons, closed container.

4、Tray collection.

Tray collection is convenient and space-saving.

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