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360 Degree Sink Aerator Head(4 Pairs)
360 Degree Sink Aerator Head(4 Pairs)


US$ 38.00
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  • 2021-11-20
    These are good to go, generally last a year or so and get the job done
  • 2021-10-26
    It really works wonderful I love the product!!
  • 2021-10-25
    Attaching it with provided adaptors not 100%. There's some side spray, but it is minimal.The three settings are very useful as is the ROM (range of motion).All in all, not perfect, but pretty cool nonetheless!
  • 2021-10-24
    This is very cool tap head. 360 degree rotatation helps me to clean all the angles of the sink.
  • 2021-09-27
    Should be a law for everyone to get one (or more) of these babies. Cut my dish water and wash time down to almost nothing. After a hot spray just make a couple of swipes with a soapy rag and quick rinse and it's over.
  • 2021-09-23
    works great
  • 2021-09-15
    Attached this to our kitchen sink. Previous to attaching this, our water pressure was just ho-hum. This makes it SO much better!
  • 2021-09-14
    I was skeptical at first. It does provide more pressure and in a greater diameter than the one we got elsewhere. Very easy to install. Taking off the old one and putting this one on probably took 2 minutes.
  • 2021-08-28
    This was better than anything I have ever used before. I love it.
  • 2021-08-25
    Very helpful and easy to use
  • 2021-08-16
    It is very easy to install and it does work as described. There isn't as much range as there is with the sprayers that have the hoses but it's definitely more than a regular faucet. We don't like the sprayer hoses because they always end up leaking. I was very pleased to find this product at a very affordable price.
  • 2021-07-24
    I've used different ones of these before and this one is by far the best, and the lowest price also. I will buy another as a backup asap
  • 2021-07-03
    This is amazing!!! We love this sprayer! I love that it pivots and moves around but sometimes I forgot and turn it on and it sprays me! Hahaha. It’s a must have!!!
  • 2021-07-02
    Could be made a little more sturdy they break too easy
  • 2021-06-04
    I love this product! Easy to install and gives the added water pressure I want to do dishes with. And now it’s so easy to reach all corners of my sink to clean it! Best 6 dollars I have spent!
  • 2021-05-23
    Best purchase ever, with my arthritis hands less pain and more cleaning.
  • 2021-05-22
    Range of motion could be much better but other than that I love it
  • 2021-05-10
    Excellent product
  • 2021-05-03
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     This is a powerful little thing I had food that was stuck on a plate it just blasted it off the plate like a power washer , the best faucet sprayer I found . I will definitely buy again for a love one. :) it rotates wonderfully no problem installing it. The price was great for the item.
  • 2021-04-28
    Works perfectly!
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