There is a dialogue between food and life

Afternoon tea must order coffee and dessert. This habit is from the time of college. At that time, there is leisure, the more time you have to get close to life, the more you will have a better understanding of life, and then the emotions of food are not just full. So simple.

Afternoon tea such as coffee and dessert is a very popular presence for petty bourgeoisie. Even if there is no elegant atmosphere and blues music background, in the office or at home, an afternoon tea can make you feel very satisfied with life. a feeling of. 

When did the afternoon tea become an indispensable part of life?

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Afternoon tea became popular because of its petty bourgeoisie. The earliest royal family in the UK was a high-end life culture. It was an elegant combination of life and food. 

It reflected a life attitude of pursuing quality.This is A body-loving ritual is a poetic time in three-point, one-line life. It is the most healing taste.

I am a person who likes to go to various coffee shops and dessert shops. Every time I go to have a coffee chat with my friends, the food is intoxicating, and I don’t know how long it has been. It belongs to us and The time when food is alone, it is easy to pass and valuable, so how time is not too much. Living in a big city like Shenzhen, the slow life with food is so precious, the more people want to get close without touching

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Gourmet food may be the easiest way for us to repair ourselves. What we can do for ourselves is to let the food into our life and to be touched by the fine food.

The aroma of the coffee that came in the store smashed the hearts of all the guests. This is the taste and feeling of a dessert shop. When I came over, it was the peak of the passenger flow. Now it is the point of going to work. There are still many people. Everyone is away from work, taking pictures or creating here. The noisy at the moment is also a kind of pleasant.

I didn't have my favorite coffee. I had a cup of cool juice and a creamy cream on the outside. I sat by the window and watched the scene of a large area. The good places are often independent. It exists on high buildings and has its own unique atmosphere.

At this height, the sun hits me very fiercely, and there is a feeling of heat, but I am not bored with it; the higher the position, the more reassuring things are, from different angles, Looking at this world, many of them will become very beautiful. The Chen ornaments in the store also made me feel very comfortable. Here, people don't consciously become fresh and literary.

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European style of simple style, in this store has been fully demonstrated, simple lines outline, showing the ultimate romantic feelings, this is the original intention of life, simple and orderly, clear and unpretentious.

Every time you enjoy your favorite food, you will not only get the physical comfort, but also have a deep sense of pleasure; the environment brings beauty, and the dessert makes you believe in beauty.

I think this is the meaning of food. We need such a sense of ceremonies. "The time is very slow, the mail is slow." It is an era that can never go back. On the road of pursuing your dreams, Don't discard your life. Gourmet is the simplest way to shake hands with the world. Combine reality and ideals. The moment you dedicate yourself to food, the food will give you warmth and touch.

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