Young gout, many bad habits can lead to the occurrence of disease

In recent years, more and more teenagers have been diagnosed with gout disease, and gout is no longer a disease of the elderly.
Knowing that all this is related to the child’s love of drinking,
Parents regret it.

It is understood that the patient is 13 years old this year, just on the first day. A few days ago, the big toe joint of the right foot suddenly had a dull pain. Because he usually likes exercise, he thought that he might have accidentally sprained his foot. The family did not care, until the pain lasted for three days, the more the invention became apparent, and the joints gradually became swollen, and the skin became flushed. The situation may not be simple, the family quickly took Xiaotian to the hospital.

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After careful examination, the doctors who examined the patients found that the patient's blood uric acid was 754 μmol/L, which was almost twice that of normal people. The joint ultrasound showed the synovial hyperplasia of the first metatarsophalangeal joint of the right foot, accompanied by 

Finding the cause and treating it is imminent.
After carefully examining the possibility of lead exposure, genetic history and other secondary gouts, the doctor found that Xiaotian especially likes to drink carbonated drinks. According to his father, “Children barely drink boiled water and drink beverages as water all the year round.” ,
And this is the "culprit" of the child's gout.
After a sufficient amount of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for anti-inflammatory and analgesic, combined with TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment, the hospital preparations were prepared by heat-dissolving granules, and the symptoms were quickly relieved after 5 days. from now on

Xiaotian will also receive treatment for a period of time, starting with a small dose of uric acid-lowering drugs, gradually reducing uric acid, dissolving the urate crystals present in the patient, trying to control the uric acid in a reasonable range, and ultimately reducing the damage of the disease to the body.
Young people beware of 

Rich and delicious foods often contain sorghum, a large amount of strontium decomposes to produce a large amount of uric acid, uric acid in the blood can be saturated to form urate crystals, deposited in joints, kidneys and other organs, causing gout, joint pain, kidney twist Pain and other symptoms. In addition, alcohol can also reduce uric acid excretion and promote inflammation-induced gout attacks.
However, one thing that needs to be emphasized is that many people have such misunderstandings that they will not suffer from gout as long as they do not drink alcohol and do not eat excessively high-quality food such as seafood and meat.
"Now many children love to drink, and some even drink as a drink, but they don't know that excessive drinking can cause gout." Director Lu Yan said that high-sugar, carbonated and other beverages can cause elevated blood uric acid and induce gout attacks. This has now become a major cause of gout in adolescents.
Correct bad habits, prevent gout attacks
Experts emphasize that 

Correct bad habits
Life routines should be regular, correcting bad habits such as long staying up late, drinking a lot of alcohol or overeating, not eating breakfast.
Actively exercise
Active exercise can improve the body's resistance, but also help reduce fat accumulation and play a positive role in preventing various diseases.

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