Top taste of taste buds, Secret salted ham + egg fried sandwich

This sandwich is simple and delicious, the key is enough. It is a must-have breakfast when we are out, because the materials are easy to buy, and after a meal, it can really last for a long time (suitable for travel without the main purpose of eating). . I often do it at home now, I am very satisfied with it, and then I can’t finish it every time... It’s not that big.

This material is double:


Any toast:   4 pieces

Cheese:  2 pieces

Ham or bacon:  4 pieces

Egg:  4

Milk:  Moderate amount

White sugar:  Moderate amount

Salt:  Moderate amount

Olive oil or butter:  Moderate amount

Black pepper:  Moderate amount    

Cinnamon powder (optional):  Little bit

Fried sandwich with salted ham and eggs

1.Take a container that is easy to eat with toast, spread 2 eggs, add appropriate amount of milk, sugar and salt. If you like cinnamon, add a little bit and stir well.

2.Pan, medium heat, pour a little olive oil or butter, put the toast in the custard, and simmer quickly, so that both sides are covered with egg liquid (if the toast is hard, more than 2-3 per side) Second, don't make the whole toast soft.)

3.After the pan is hot, enter the toast and hear the cheerful sizzle. When you fry until golden slightly, you will turn over and fry on both sides. Continue to fry the other two toasts in the same way.

4.Thin oil in the pot, after the oil is hot, fry 2 poached eggs, fry until the egg whites on both sides are solidified, and the egg yolk inside has not yet solidified. Don't over-omeise, because what you want is egg yolk. Put the fried egg on the toast.

5.Do not put oil, ham or bacon, sprinkle some salt and black pepper on each side, do not sprinkle too much salt, ham bacon itself has a salty taste.

6.When the ham is fried to the edge and curled slightly, put a cheese on one of the hams, and then cover another piece of ham on the cheese. The order of ham + cheese + ham is stacked.

7.Fry for 3-5 seconds on both sides and quickly pick up. The heat of the ham will melt the cheese, but don't wait until it is completely melted. The fried ham is placed on top of the egg and covered with another toast. carry out.

Cut the sandwich from the middle and let the warm egg yolk flow out. Then, you will feel very happy and very happy...
1. When choosing ham or bacon, choose a thicker one. Don't use thin, thin, no taste.
2, this sandwich in the fried poached egg and the final addition of the link, the time is good, no problem.

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