Take beautiful pictures of the Christmas tree at Christmas time

Christmas is a perfect holiday. Everyone likes to take pictures in front of a beautiful Christmas tree. This is really a theme that is easy to take out good photos, but with the popularity of LED lights, there are some strange things happening if you There is no correct camera settings.

1. incandescent light vs LED

Incandescent bulbs are uninterrupted and not flashing. Therefore, it is difficult to distinguish whether the bulb is an incandescent lamp or an LED lamp when purchasing, unless otherwise stated on the package.

Here are some examples:

Nikon D4,200mm,1/125秒,f/2.8,ISO 250

Nikon D4,135mm,1/60秒,f/2.8,ISO 800

But LED bulbs always flash at very high speeds. For most people, this effect is invisible to the naked eye. However, you can get this effect from the camera by changing to "Movie Mode" (if you have one) and setting your shutter speed to above 1 / 125.

This is because the LED bulb flashes at 60 Hz. In order for all the lights to be on, you need to match the speed at which your shutter speed flashes. If your shutter speed is faster than flashing, the bulb won't all appear, although your eyes will see it!

2. How to respond to the “blinking effect”

In order for LED bulbs to appear on your photo, it's easy: make sure your shutter speed is lower than the lamp's frequency (60 Hz).

Although the light always blinks, no matter how you set your shutter speed, the interval is less than 1 / 60, the flicker is not so obvious, so you can get a full cycle of light. In most cases, 1 / 60 is enough, but 1 / 30 is more insurance. If your theme is not moving, you can use a tripod and adjust to a lower 1 / 15.

Left:Nikon D700,50mm,1/100秒,f/2,ISO 400   Right:Nikon D700,50mm,1/60秒,f/2,ISO 600

At 1/30, it may be difficult to keep the focus of the theme - for example a family portrait in front of the tree. If possible, you must use a tripod in this case.

This image is in 10 frames of 1 / 30 seconds and you can see that the tree looks completely illuminating, although it appears darker. At this shutter speed, all the lights are able to fully circulate, making the tree appear to be completely lit.

Nikon D700,50mm,1/60秒,f/2.8,ISO 400

In short, if you want to shoot portraits in front of the Christmas tree, here are some things to keep in mind, which will make the lights in the photo perfect: keep the shutter speed below or 1 / 60 seconds, whenever possible, use a tripod, and Choose a stable lens to keep your image clear.

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