I want to be a big lazy cat, a lazy way of life

Life is a matter of learning. If you can learn to be "lazy," you may become more fun. "Life tips" teach you smart life.

Vegetables that should not be purchased in advance.

Green pepper, beans, cauliflower, leeks, spinach, fennel, raw bamboo shoots, mushrooms, lettuce, oily vegetables, etc., even if the temperature is suitable, it is best not to store for more than three days.

Chocolate should not be refrigerated

After the chocolate is stored in the refrigerator, once it is taken out, it will form a layer of hoarfrost on the surface at room temperature, and it will easily become moldy and lose its original taste.

Toothpaste washes grapes more cleanly
Grapes can be sterilized by soaking in light salt water, but sometimes a white film remains on the surface after rinsing. Some toothpaste can be squeezed, and the grape granules are placed between the palms of the hands, and then washed with water.
Residual tea

After drying the residual tea, it can be burned in the toilet or the stinking water canal to eliminate t

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