How do children dress up for Christmas?


The annual Christmas is coming!

In this clear and melodious bell ring, romantic fantasy snowflake festival, hard-working mother how can control their own hands, not to "DIY" a heart of their own braved cute "work"?

Can you be any cuter?

Christmas hat is the most Christmas atmosphere, the most simple decoration.

Wearing a Santa hat and cuddling a red-nosed reindeer doll is enough to keep the little one naked for Christmas

Remember to buy a good quality, thickened flannel Santa hat, plus the premise of the body is enough heating ~

Like the mother of high cold wind, on the dress choice of darling, can consider black and white gray department.

Combined with the red of Santa hat, it inspires the collision of ice and fire, high cold and passion, purity and warmth, which not only has a sense of high class, but also ignites the festive atmosphere.

Suits are a lovely privilege for babies, and for babies under the age of 2, mothers should not rush to buy split pieces, they should hurry to wear jumpsuits because they are so cute.

British brand Next and Japan's NISSEN have come up with all sorts of cute christmas-themed jumpsuits in pretty much every color and design you can buy.
A little more special, you can directly let the baby play snow monster ~
Make a delicate Christmas treasure

Olive, 6, and her sister Ora, 1, have put together four outfits for Christmas. She and her sister Ora, 1, have worn all the colors of Christmas -- red, green, white, and gold.

Karla knows how to match colors, even family Christmas photos, all senior and funny

Olive's two sisters have a big age gap, which makes them look so graceful and adorable, while the two sisters, who are about the same age, chose the exact same berry collar dress with a white string, which is both festive and elegant.

Caribou brown and yellow color is the universal color of male treasure female treasure, if the home has been full of red, red and green decorations, then let the children dress up as a flexible small moose, jump among them ~

See the girl baby have so many beautiful clothes to wear, the boy baby also don't lose heart, not only the girl can be lovely.

The son of Russian socialite Elena Perminova looks adorable in a grey knit rabbit ear hoodie

At Christmas, girls can wear little dresses and boys can wear little suits. Handsome as I "northeast song zhongji" anji, small suit upper body, both children's lovely, more have a small gentleman handsome!

Compared to the appearance level, not to buy Christmas equipment, can be more creative ah ~

This mother's creativity must be satisfied!

What Christmas decorations, expensive clothes do not need to prepare, only need 3 sets of pajamas, string lamp 3, mother and child 3 people on full holiday joy

In fact, the most important part of the holiday is the family together to create one good memory after another. No matter foreign festivals or traditional festivals, there are fairy tales, legends. Parents can take the opportunity to build a fantasy fairy tale world for their children.

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