Five tips to clean and refresh your kitchen(1)

As anyone who has tidied up the kitchen will know, the kitchen includes all kinds of kitchen utensils, bottles, jars and so on. This brings a variety of endless trifles to the arrangement and storage of kitchen supplies. Here are five tips to help you clean up your kitchen.

Tip 1: Telescopic curtain rod separation

Instead of stacking your kitchen utensils, use short telescopic curtain rod as dividers. One room for one tool, clear and convenient to pick up.

Tip 2: Hang them up.

 Put knives and other sharp tools in a stainless steel box. The box can be fixed to one side of the counter. If you have small children in the house, place the box on the inside of the cupboard door. Hang the utensils on the s hook, just above the stove. Hanging poles can be used as ordinary towel poles to save money.

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Tip 3: Partition storage.

If you don't partition the drawers, kitchen odds and ends will quickly clutter the large drawers. Economical Partition storage method will be used at this time. No matter be tableware to still get cutlery, no matter be big thing or small fragmentary, pull open drawer neatly neat, cook a mood to be able to be better. Whether cutlery and knives, no matter large objects or small pieces, the drawer will become neat and tidy.

Tip 4: Store your household appliances.

Not all kitchen home appliances are big, but if placed outside, the kitchen may become crowded and disorderly. If you put these kitchen appliances in the cupboards, you can save space on the one hand and keep them from getting damp and dusty on the other hand.

Tip 5: How to store pots and pans.

Kitchen utensils, small pots and pans can be hung on porcelain walls. Porcelain walls are easy to fix and clean.

In fact, there are still many ways to organize in the kitchen. The above five tips are listed in common use. At ordinary times, you can try different methods and choose the one suitable for you. Hopefully, these five tips will help you organize your kitchen and prepare delicious meals with a happy mood.

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