Five-star product recommendation: stainless steel cutting board, good news for food lover

It is an age with rich food, developed cold chain, that food culture around the world is blended adequately. There are all sorts of kitchen tools to do with kinds of food, so besides tools, you also need a good chopping board. From traditional wood cutting board to modern composite material cutting board, the material is constantly being updated, but many people's concept of cutting board is still old, and the attention to cutting board is not enough. It's important to take a responsible approach to life to figure out what your cutting board is, what you can do with it, and how to maintain it.

A good cutting board can increase the pleasure of cooking.

For a food lover, cutting boards must be extremely demanding. Functionally, the cutting board should be able to withstand both cutting and chopping. In terms of durability, no deformation or cracking is a basic requirement. From the perspective of food safety, cutting boards are not easily contaminated with bacteria, ensuring the safety and hygiene of food processing. For people who live a fast-paced life, the ability to clean and maintain the chopping block quickly is the most important thing.

Cutting board can affect the feeling of using the knife. A good cutting board will allow the knife to rise and fall smoothly, giving it a sense of cutting without getting stuck. In line with the display of knife skills, but not to damage the blade. Cutting board should not be too light, and tightly integrated with the desktop, or easy to slip.

The most important thing to choose for cutting board is material.

Pick the right cutting board, considering material, size, shape, and more. For a good cutting board, the influence of materials is decisive. The most common cutting board material, no more than wood, bamboo, composite materials, glass. Today we recommend a new stainless steel cutting board.

Compared with ordinary wood materials, no big difference for the weight of stainless steel. For people who are used to using wood materials, the feeling won’t be different. For wood materials, stainless steel in food hygiene has a better performance. Also wood cutting board accumulate juices or impurities of the food when you use it, while stainless steel board do not have such problems.

Similarly, compared with conforming materials and glass materials, conforming materials are mainly made of plastic materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene, which are prone to deformation when food overheat, while stainless steel materials do not have such problems at all. The glass cutting board, despite its perfect shape, has a fatal flaw: it is very easy to break. At the same time, the long-term contact with the knife blade, will leave scratches on the glass cutting board surface due to its brittle glass .

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