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    Very sturdy, easy to put up, and a nice finished look.
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    Don’t rely on the mounting bracket to get it level
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    This was exactly what I expected it to be. Easy to hang with just typical household tools. Baskets are very durable and look nice.
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    I should of bought more! Good quality and nice contemporary appearance.
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    I love these wire baskets, they have provided extra storage spaces for a variety of items in my closet and pantry. Loved the 3 sizes. Would recommend. Wire and construction is made well. Fit my needs extremely well. Delivered very quick.
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    This is the best cutting board for any quick cuts like fruits and vegetables. I don't recommend for watery items like tomatoes as the juice will flow out of the board very fast.
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    Amazing product. Easy to clean and manage
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    It's light weight, easy to clean
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    Better than the wooden or plastic ones.
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    The small stainless steel cutting board exceeded my expectations so much that I wish I had purchased a larger one. I like how the cutting board is easy to clean. Know that it is much heavier and thinner in comparison to most plastic and wood cutting boards. It also has a smooth surface that can sometimes become slick when cutting certain foods.
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    Nice board. Not only does it have an excellent price, but the quality exceeds my expectations. It is a very strong and durable board. 304 stainless steel material is unique and safe so I really have enjoyed using it. The portable handle and opening can protect it from shaking on the wall. It is very suitable for kitchen cutting, and it turns out to be easy to clean. Overall very satisfied with this purchase!
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    my friend just moved to his new home.. he loves cooking so i think i should buy him something for the kitchen... and i found this product when i was browsing. it has the right size and because it is stainless, you dont have to worry about the bad smell. he loves it.
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    Good product, I was able to install it with no problem
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    It's been 3 months and they havnt fallen yet. If they do I have the option to drill.
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    Works great, looks great
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    Overall I love the look of this shelf and the fact that I did not need to use a drill to install it. The instructions were mostly straightforward, yet I would offer once piece of advice. The manufacturer should include a picture of how to use the stickers as part of the visual instructions. There are instructions on the back of the stickers, but I had no idea what to do with them until I arleardy glued the shelf to the shower wall. I had to go back and look for the stickers while the shelf was slipping down the wall.
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    I bought these with the intention of using the no-drill option. When they arrived and I saw it had all the tools for either mounting option, I started to question if I wanted to drill after all. I love that there’s a choice. My shampoo and conditioner bottles are big and have push-down tops to dispense, so I wanted confidence that the shelf would stay up even under that force. Also, for whoever owns my place in the future, I thought it best to have the most secure attachment possible, so no one would be surprised if one fell off the wall, so I went the drill option. It was tough, I had to make twelve holes in thick natural stone tile with a masonry bit and that took a LONG time. I didn’t double check the hole locations on one shelf so my tile holes didn’t line up just right, but I was able to extend the holes in the metal shelf just a couple millimeters to make them work. In the end, they turned out great and I’m so pleased. They are incredible sturdy with this mounting method and I have confidence that they can hold anything I or some future owner might want to put on them. Each one comes with two hooks, which is great. I used a pair to make a holder for my razor, and another for my bath sponge, and I still have three left for possible future uses!! The caps that cover the screw heads screw onto the screw heads themselves so it looks very nice in the end. I am a little nervous about rust but will be doing my best to keep them from getting overly wet (hence sponge hanging from the bottom one). I love them so much I considered buying three spares in case they do rust. They are a great price and good quality, no complaints!!
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    Great product. This is silver in color and texture not a smooth material. Packed extremely well with all the parts you could possibly need to hang this. I bought three of these and it took me about five minutes to hang all three of them.
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    If your bathroom walls are straight I'm sure this is great but in our old house with wall corners slightly askew this was not going to work.