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  • 2021-04-18
    Before buying this rack, all of the pans were stored in the upper corner kitchen cabinet. They had to be stacked and that made it difficult to get to individual pans with ease. I browsed two other pan organizing options before coming across this wall mounted option. This rack won me over because I had the space available and it provided ease of access to each pan, and it even alleviated some space that larger kitchen utensils had previously been taking up elsewhere.Along the front of the rack, I have hung all of my pans. Along the back of my rack, I hung the cheese grater, rolling pin, apple corer, potato masher and the outside grill tongs and spatula. The pots go up on top.I have one other pan that I would like to hang, but it’s a large cast iron skillet. I don’t know if that would throw off the max recommended weight of the rack, so I have no desire to test the limits of the rack. Instead, the cast iron gets to live in the stovetop.
  • 2021-04-15
    I am in love with this addition to my kitchen. Used slightly larger anchors than those included for my masonry wall...just in case. The perfect solution for organizing your tools, especially in tight apartment kitchens. What would you like? I’m ready to cook all day now :)No need to be on the fence, truly worth every penny.
  • 2021-04-10
    Pot rack was easy to install and looks great. My cast iron pans are too heavy but the rest are great.
  • 2021-04-10
    This was the easiest kitchen upgrade ever! I love it!
  • 2021-04-04
    Mounts to stud and holds firm.
  • 2021-03-16
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     I love my pot rack it's the perfect edition to my very small kitchen.
  • 2021-03-07
    Love this thing! It is perfect for my tiny one bedroom apartment kitchen that has hardly any cupboard space. It feels very sturdy and was not that difficult to assemble and hang. I’ve had it for a couple months now and there has been no issues at all. I highly recommend!!
  • 2021-02-27
    Pretty sturdy rack. Holding all I need and still solid as a rock. They drywall anchors they send with it are crap but I mounted with sturdy drywall anchors I had on hand. Overall nice rack.
  • 2021-02-25
    I didn't know what a difference this shelf would make. It was not too difficult to install. I strongly recommend using an electric drill, level, and the proper anchors. I used toggle bolt anchors to secure the shelf to my plaster walls. I am handy so I was able to do it myself, but it would have been even easier if I had someone to assist. Now I have access to pots and pans I need on a daily basis. I use the hooks provided to hang other kitchen utensils. It just makes cooking so much easier to have all the equipment right there where I need it rather than in drawers.
  • 2021-01-26
    Great shelf for the price. Versatile with hooks which we used for pans and coffee cups. Quick shipping, and well packaged with exception that hooks were loose in box and contributed to very minor scuff marks during transit. Front bar just sits in groove and constantly gets knocked loose, will probably glue it in place or add a small screw to secure it.
  • 2021-01-19
    Perfect small pot rack. Very sturdy. Looks fantastic and holds a lot. Totally happy with it.
  • 2021-01-16
    They look very nice installed. Easy to put together. Bracket bent very slightly on both, but we made it work.
  • 2021-01-10
    Needed a small dimensioned rack to go over window above sink in kitchen. This one fit the bill exactly and looks pretty good. I read a previous review of this product which stated assembly time was 20 minutes but in reality, it took around 2 minutes to assemble (no tools required). The rack is solid, does not wiggle, even when loaded with pots and pans and the provided stainless steel screws were long enough to screw into the header above the window. This is more comforting than having all that weight relying on expanding plastic anchors in the drywall. Package arrived in excellent shape exactly when promised. Great experience.
  • 2021-01-06
    Installation was pretty straightforward and I was able to do it myself however I wish there is more info about what size of drill you need. I ended up buying a new set of anchors and screws in Home Depot and I got appropriate drill for it so it was easy once I got that. I ended up not using hardware that came up with. It’s super sturdy and so minimalistic at the same time. I absolutely love it.
  • 2021-01-04
    Perfect size. Good quality.We did not use the included hardware. We wanted sturdier anchors.
  • 2021-01-03
    Sturdy material, solid once mounted with replacement molly and screws. The provided screws were wrong type for proper installation. We had to purchase and use upgraded mollies for more secure installation on wallboard. Also provided screws were countersinking type and needed standard screws instead for both wall mount and brackets. Once replaced the mounting hardware we were able to securely install.
  • 2020-12-30
    Easy instsall; very sturdy - easily holds all my pots and upper shelf fits roasting pans and my cast iron Dutch oven. Couldn't be more pleased with this purchase.
  • 2020-12-30
    Nice and sturdy. Didn't line up with the wall studs so we put one screw in the stud and used a Master anchor (amazing studs but dang they big) for the other one. The two on the bottom we just used the drywall anchors they came with. Works great, love it, and we have a ton of hooks left.
  • 2020-12-24
    Looks great and great value! Sturdy and easy to install. I used toggle bolts since most dry wall anchors are worthless. These look expensive too!
  • 2020-12-23
    It was so easy to install it took me about 10 minutes and its strong enough
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