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  • 2019-05-24
    Absolutely love this rack! I have had two friends come over and order it as well. Keeps the sink clean and the dishes dry so easily. Has made life so much easier and cleaner
  • 2019-05-20
    Assembly is easy, it took less than 15 min to set up . Its high quality material and sturdy . The shipping is super fast. I got the item in 6 days instead of a month . All the compartments are removable which is a plus as my sink water pipe is a lot higher, so i cant use all 3 compartments on top row. It fits perfectly on the sink. My kitchen looks awesome with this new rack
  • 2019-05-20
    I love this. It frees up so much counter space for cooking and other countertop activities such as snorkeling. I would definitely recommend for all households especially for those with air-dry mug collections. It is also useful for holding clean rocks.
  • 2019-05-16
    i don't have a dishwasher so i had to clean my dishes a day at a time on larger cooks while i waited for the previous day's dishes to dry. with this, plus my old drying rack, i can clean the food processor, stand mixer, bowls, plates, glasses, use the hooks to hang dry spatulas, whisks and paddles all in one go. another thing i also really like is that this is totally modular. you can configure the trays, baskets and hook anyway you like. the price point is a bit sticky. i thought it was overpriced when i bought it a 130 but at 160? i dunno, maybe wait till the trade war with china's over. if you can find one at a good price though, this is a force multiplier to your kitchenware cleaning abilities.
  • 2019-05-14
    I was so excited about getting this drying rack. I got an estimate it will be delivered by mid June. However, it came in about a week. It’s so super easy to assemble with only 4 screws. It’s very sturdy and strong build. It perfectly fits my kitchen sinks. It makes my kitchen more organized and creates more space. We use top shelves to keep vegetables after wash. If you don’t use it for drying dishes, we can use it for potatoes or onions. I like it a lot and highly recommend this drying rack.
  • 2019-05-12
    This heavy duty drying rack saved so much space of my kitchen. It made of good materials and can hold a lot of stuff. Even the instruction is in Chinese, there was no problem to install, took me less than 15 mins. It packed very well and delivered fast. It's pricey,probably because it shipped from China but it worth to invest.
  • 2019-05-12
     This has been one of the best dish drying racks we ever used. It’s a great space saver. Did fit perfectly on our kitchen sink. Doesn’t have to worry about water dripping out of the racks any more. It’s Light weight but sturdy. It was easy to assemble and did fit most of our bowls, plates, spoons and knifes perfectly.
  • 2019-05-11
    The product looks just like the picture. It was easy to put together, it was sturdy, and it had little suction cups at the bottom to hold it to the counter. Mine did not end up fitting because I forgot to take into account the hight needed to be extra for plates. I was pretty bummed because it was amazing...a little pricey but amazing.
  • 2019-05-07
    I wanted to update my kitchen and declutter the counters and this is great for that. I love that I can space out the different items and have more room to do so versus a counter top drying rack. The only downsides are: 1- that it barely fits my sink (it could be about .5 to 1 inch wider) because the bottom has suction cups to keep it in place, but they sit on the edge of the sink edge so they don't actually suction it down. 2- the utensil bin sits on the side of the rack to the side of the sink and the knife bin sits on the back of the bin so when the water drips down it isnt into the sink, it ends up on the counter. 3- it blocks the overhead light and the window behind the sink a little so it can be harder to see what I'm doing in the sink. I have a light behind me I can turn on as well, but if someone doesn't have that option it is good to know. 4- it doesn't come with instructions. It is easy to put together and some instructions are on the pictures for the product on Amazon but it is nice to have a paper with something instead of having to pull out my phone to search Amazon to do it. I can move the utensil bin if I wanted but it would be on the front of a bin and harder to reach over it to put items in the bins. I did have to move the bottom bin and cutting board holder to the opposite sides (from what is pictured on Amazon) to give me room to use the sprayer on my sink.

    Overall it is a great item. I just wish it was a touch wider overall and came with instructions.
  • 2019-05-06
    This is absolutely amazing! We are moving soon for our next PCS and with the smaller homes we will likely be looking at with very little counter space, this will be absolutely perfect to help with kitchen organization!
  • 2019-05-05
    This is the best dish rack I've ever bought! I live in a small house with 3 kids and my boyfriend and dishes are a never ending job here. I always hated how much counter space was taken up by dish racks. Like seriously my entire counter by my sink would be filled with dishes and this has honestly be such a lifesaver for me!! Theres a nice spot for your plates, bowls, cups or fruit, silverware, a cutting board and my personal favorite part the knife holder!!! Theres also a nice basket for your soap sponge whatever you want. Theres also 5 hooks! The hooks are great for bigger cooking utensils as well as strainers. Definitely worth every penny spent. It was very easy to assemble and is very sturdy and well made!!
  • 2019-04-30
    Lo único que no me agradó fue que yo yo solo pedí un escurridor de platos y me cobraron 2 beses
  • 2019-04-29
     Finally, a space saver dish rack! Item came in a securely packaged box. Very easy to assemble and the snap on feature is a plus, making it easy to rearrange or remove the trays for cleaning. I have a tall faucet but I had no issues about it. Fits perfectly! I no longer have to use my dishwasher as a drying rack. Highly recommended!
  • 2019-04-29
    This is the best invention ever! This is so easy to install and I love how the compartments are removable so you can change how you want to organize your dishes. This is a space saver for us and it is pretty sturdy. Fits perfectly around our sink, is a black matte finish and makes our kitchen more sophisticated!
  • 2019-04-29
    The price was a little high for a strainer , but worth every penny ! I have both my sinks back and the strainer works awesome !
  • 2019-04-28
    This is a black metal drying rack for vessels which also allows enough space for the dishsoap storage and other stuff if needed.
    It's very easy and simple to assemble(took me like 10mins or so to assemble it!)
    Make sure this fits over your sink. MEASURE THE SIZE of the sink, even though this is a standard size over sink drying rack, sinks come in different shapes and sizes, they also do mention the sizing and type of sink this fits on, on the display pictures, so make sure to go through those as well!
  • 2019-04-23
    This product is perfect for my kitchen. I have a small kitchen, no dishwasher, and very little counter space. My old drying rack was taking up valuable counter space. This is sturdy, pretty, and functional. I wish it had a better section for cups, but it’s working well.
  • 2019-04-22
    I’m so in love
  • 2019-04-21
    I loved this product because it helps me store plates, cups, fruit. It really comes in handy!!
  • 2019-04-20
    I love it other then it needs more places for baskets and some of the baskets are to deep so I’m hitting them when doing dishes.