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  • 2019-05-21
    I purchased this for the corner of my shower. Instructions were simple, easy to follow. I’ve had it up for a month now and it seems sturdy and doing the job. My only complaint so far, is that I ordered the shelfs with hooks and I received ones without.
  • 2019-05-03
    Love these. They even fit well even though I have a raised piece in the corner of my shower. Also it doesn't hold my razor vertically but holds nicely horizontally as pictured.
  • 2019-04-30
    These shelves are great! We've had them installed for about 3 months and we love them. They are much larger than expected, nice and sturdy, and they look great! No signs of rust either! wa-hoo! My only complaint is that the 3 pack of shelves only came with 2 tubes of epoxy. It just made it a little tricky to figure out how much epoxy to put on each shelf to make sure there was enough adhesive, but not so much that we would run out by the 3rd shelf. We figured it out, but felt like there was *barely* enough for all 3 shelves. It would be really nice if they just included a third tube to make sure all of the shelves are sufficiently adhered.
  • 2019-04-29
    Very sturdy and looks great. Easy to install.
  • 2019-04-29
    I bought three shelves with the intention to mount two of them normally, and turning over the third to use as a foot rest for shaving without drilling through the tile in my rental. I've only just mounted them last night, so I have not had a chance to test out how secure they are to the wall yet.

    The shelves themselves seem very well made and feel extremely sturdy.
    The installation wasn't bad at all in my stand-alone shower and I liked that it gave you options.

    One of the two tubes of sealant included had a puncture so most of it was unusable. Therefore I was only able to mount two of the three shelves so far until I can find my JB Quick Weld.
  • 2019-04-26
    I tried many different products before ordering this product from amazon all in the efforts to get rid of my shower pole that took up space in my shower and began rusting. This product not only was easy to install without using a drill but also gave me back space in my shower and looks absolutely gorgeous. This product allows for great organization and I can now separate my products from my husbands lol. Thanks Besy and I will be ordering again.
  • 2019-04-20
    It's been a month or so and they are still hanging using adhesive. We have a tile bathroom, and my first shelf one side not aligned well and they dont bend. So only one side really got a good deal but seems to be doing fine. They look sleek and stylish, I'm in love!
  • 2019-04-18
    Easy to install, sturdy.
  • 2019-04-18
    pleasing to the eye and easy easy to install
  • 2019-04-13
    So much of a cleaner look without the worry of everything coming crashing down in the most inopportune time! If you can manage to follow directions for allowing adhesives to set up correctly; the couple days of waiting will pay off tenfold for hopefully years to come!
  • 2019-03-22
  • 2019-03-10
    They look good and were easy to install. I hung them with the screws provided.
  • 2019-03-06
    Easy to install and look great
  • 2019-03-03
    Well made product that was simple to put up. I drilled holes in the shower that is made out of acrylic. The shelving is holding large shampoo and conditioner bottles with no problem.
  • 2019-03-02
    Absolutely love the look of this product!! It was pretty easy to use the no-drill option with the glue. I wish the glue dispensed a little easier. It was quite hard to squeeze out. Very interested to see how it holds up over time. Overall, I am satisfied!
  • 2019-02-26
    Very strong hold on tile
  • 2019-02-22
    Eliminates tension rod poles.....sticks well with glue product that is included.
  • 2019-02-20
    They’re very sturdy and rust resistant. I like the fact that it gives you different options for installation. I went with the screws option for more security rather than the glue option. It’s able to hold several bottles of shampoo with no problem.
  • 2019-02-19
    Great product! Solidly built and easy to install. Definitely recommend this shelf.
  • 2019-02-13
    My wife loves them, what else can I say?
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