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  • 2018-01-27
    I like it because it holds a lot of stuff...but I would have liked one a little wider...but it does the job and holds what I need.
  • 2017-12-31
    A ****er
    I really like this, it works great for an apartment but it is very lightweight and aluminum feeling. The hooks are on a track that can kind of squeak weird but overall good design and looks nice.
  • 2017-12-10
    J ****ng
    My favorite shelf ever
  • 2017-09-26
    Is a perfect matc for the money
  • 2017-08-14
  • 2017-07-27
    Really, not much bad to say about this shelf. Yes, it is thin metal, but it serves its purpose. It looks nice and was very easy to install. There are no instructions, but anyone with any assembly skills can put this up in a few minutes just by looking at the pictures on this site. I had to use the drywall anchors that came with the shelf because my location did not have studs in the correct location. Still seems pretty sturdy and holds a decent amount. I would not hang pots and pans off if this, it is not designed for that, but does a great job for what it is designed to do.
  • 2017-07-10
    This comes with mounting hardware and is easy to install to a stud, which makes it stable. I like that it has room for knives, forks, and spoons, plus the hooks for other utensils. This is not a thick material -- a little on the thin side -- but I didn't expect anything any different for less than $40. You do have to do a little bit of assembly (using a screwdriver to attach the rail on the top front and the towel bar on the bottom front), but the holes were pre-drilled and it was super easy. I like this product very much.
  • 2017-06-28
    This is a great space saver. I would like to point out that this item is available with professional assembly for a lot more than it costs unassembled. While there were no instructions that were included with the shelving materials, it was extremely easy to assemble.
  • 2017-05-22
    We took a chance on this, since there were no reviews. Are we ever happy that we did!

    We bought this because our kitchen doesn't have enough drawers, and the four drawers that are in the kitchen are all rather small (one of them is just 9 wide). There's no way to add drawers without doing an entire remodel, which we just aren't interested in getting into (we've remodeled the kitchens in our last three places...now that we're in our fourth place, we're tired :-)

    This little rack is a gem. It holds so many wooden spoons and spatulas (in the cups) and so many utensils on the hooks (ladles, serving spoons, etc.) that one of our four drawers is now mostly empty except for the cloth napkins and coasters! And the napkins are laying nicely stacked now...before they were sort of stuffed to the side or in the back of the drawer, to fit around all the the items that are now in this rack.

    It's a very lightweight rack, but mounted into studs, it's very sturdy. It's mounted on a wall that we have to pass every time we go into the kitchen, but since it's so shallow, it doesn't obstruct in any way. We hung it last night and are already not even noticing it as we walk by.

    The silver color is matte, not shiny, and goes well with our stainless appliances. I'm not sure I'd put it directly next to a stainless fridge or stove, but the little sliver of wall space we have it on is sufficiently separated from the appliances that the not-a-perfect-match silver color of this isn't really noticeable. It's a nice, muted, silver color that just sort of blends into the space (and this is against a wall painted yellow).

    The knife slots are holding our knives nicely, the towel bar is holding an additional kitchen towel, and the shelf now holds the salt and pepper shakers and pepper grinder (which has now freed up a bit of space inside our wall cabinets).

    Truly, for the price, this is a little gem. We like it so much that we're probably going to buy one for our in-town studio, if it will fit on the wall we want to hang it on; have to measure this weekend.

    It's a little bit of a devil to put together as there are no instructions, but we just pulled up the picture on Amazon and it was clear how to attach the bars. The screws are super small, so they're hard to get in - my husband managed it after I gave up - but...since they're so small, they aren't seen and they don't protrude and make things on the shelf wobble.

    Before we decided to take a chance on this, we looked at similar racks that were $39.99 or so; those racks had a few more options, like more cups, but they were also longer, and we were limited by the width of the wall where we wanted to put this. Now that we have this, and see how much it's helped clear out our drawers, wow, buying one of the more expensive racks, with more storage, would have been overkill. This rack holds quite a bit more than we expected, even having seen the picture; it was a shock to see how quickly our drawers emptied out.

    So to sum up: if your drawers are also crowded as heck, and you're looking for an attractive, very reasonably priced rack like this one, go ahead and give it a try. As I mentioned, we like this so much that if it will fit on the wall in our other kitchen, we're already settled on buying another one.
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