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  • 2021-03-28
    Love it!
  • 2021-03-27
    Putting it together was a bit confusing lots of pieces left over
  • 2021-03-25
    WONDERFUL PRODUCT... terrible picture. Capacity is great, though it is best suited for wash as you go if you do a lot of cooking. I honestly love the bowl portion... talk about efficient use of space, and I use the “fruit bowl” basket for our coffee mugs and little things that might slip through. I wash dishes more often because I actually find it more convenient than bending constantly to load the dishwasher (plus I wash [without rinse] before loading the dishwasher, so this does cut down on time). I’m terrible at wash as you go, so the fact that this can fit a full day of dishes for our family of four is fantastic, and it is shockingly sturdy enough to hold the Dutch oven. I do however prefer to put the pots and pans to the side on a kitchen towel to dry (more for aesthetics typically). The only thing I might wish is that I had purchased a three tier rack, but that’s it. The cutting board attachment works well enough for our multiple slim flexible cutting boards, though I do pull one leg off of the rack so that it holds them a little more vertically... otherwise they slip down and lay diagonally which hurts my eyes to see. Pros outweighs the few cons.
  • 2021-03-25
    Great option for small kitchen spaces. We are remodeling our home, and we needed something that we wouldn't place on the counter. I am glad I found this over the sink shelf. It fit perfectly. I did measured our sink to make sure the high of it wouldn't interfere with the set up. I am happy I made this purchase.
  • 2021-03-23
    Great product loving it but question what are these pieces for?.
  • 2021-03-23
    Love love love this! I have very limited kitchen counter space and drying dishes was always a hassle. This has taken care of that. Make sure everything is directly over the sink or the counter can get wet. But I still love it!
  • 2021-03-22
    It was super simple to put together, but was much lighter than I was expecting, feeling rather flimsy. Once I got it into place it felt much more secure and opened up much more storage in my small apartment.
  • 2021-03-20
    Easy to put together. Saves ton of space in a small kitchen.
  • 2021-03-18
    Just like its described. Very well made. Love it!
  • 2021-03-18
    I really like it because it freed up space on my counter while dishes are drying.
  • 2021-03-16
  • 2021-03-16
    It really is great for small spaces and fit perfectly where I needed it to
  • 2021-03-13
    This dish rack is the best ever! I’ve gotten so many compliments on it, definitely a space saver and great purchase!
  • 2021-03-13
    I love the product. I bought it “Used- Like new”.PROS- It’s very sturdy and stable.- It’s made from high-quality material, and it seems durable.- It comes with clear step-by-step assembly instructions.- It’s easy to assemble.- It has a large storage capacity to save and organize counter space.- It has a beautiful and elegant design.- The adjustable feature is very handy.CONS- Instructions don’t tell you about maintenance and care.- The drying holder for silverware is small.- It has some visible weld points.- For the price (139) I expected a lifetime warranty or at least 5-year manufacturer warranty. It only comes with lifetime after-sales service , which may include some warranty but I would like an explicit and direct advertising.Overall, I’m very satisfied with my purchase. Worth the price. The product is sturdy, high-quality, it seems to last and that will not rust. Only time will tell. I definitely would buy it an again (I already bought 2 more for gifts).
  • 2021-03-13
    Pretty cool product! I wish the storage was bigger on it but it get the job done and saves a ton of space on my counters! Good quality metal and does not rust
  • 2021-03-12
    More functional space in a little area makes things easier and cleaner less clutter
  • 2021-03-10
    Sturdiness is good, storage is good only think is it’s a little narrow which makes it difficult to put pots and skillets on it to dry. Other than that it works well.
  • 2021-03-10
    I love the space I have now. Very easy to install. Perfects size and resistant.
  • 2021-03-09
    Not enough silverware space, my sink is a little narrow and I was not able to use two of the baskets.
  • 2021-03-09
    This is the best invention ever!! I have a super small kitchen with not a lot of counter space, this dishrack freed up so much space for me!! Great product, only downside is, I have a family of 4 and I needed to order the extra silverware dryer rack...
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