Adbiu kitchen skill, Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner all under 10 Bucks

Microwave a bulb of garlic 10 to 15 seconds and you'll be able to slide the skin right off.

Crush a handful of Doritos chips. Put in a pepper mill/grinder and use to top your mac and cheese, salads, or anything you'd like. I originally read this on Reader's Digest, and tried it that same day.

Instead of waiting an hour for my meatloaf to bake, I use a muffin tin. It can be ready to eat in about 15 minutes.

To slice cherry tomatoes in half quickly, put them all on a large plastic lid or plate in a single layer. Place another lid similar in size or plate on top, and gently press down while running the knife between the two.

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This is an old one, but I use it often. Lay a wooden spoon across the top of a pot of boiling water to prevent it from boiling over as quickly.

To microwave two things at once, set the 2nd bowl on top of a coffee mug or upside down bowl.

Pic from The Best DIY How to Guides

Use a bundt pan to cut kernels off ears of corn. Stand the corn cob upright in the center of the pan while you run your knife down the sides. It's not mess free, but it's less of a mess.

Use a pizza slicer to chop fresh herbs. We use a ton of cilantro, parsley, and basil in our house so this is often a time saver.

Freeze stale rolls, buns, and bread instead of throwing them away. When you need bread crumbs, just throw in the blender a few seconds.

I also learned the next two from Reader's Digest and use them both frequently⤵️⤵️⤵️:

Use the metal ring from the lid of a mason jar to fry an egg inside and it turns out perfectly every time

French toast in your microwave- Spread a spoonful of butter in a coffee mug, and fill with torn bread. Combine 1 egg, 3 tbsp milk, and cinnamon in another container. Pour that over the bread and microwave 1 minute.

They turn out surprisingly yummy!

Rescue stale bread


Oops! If you forgot to completely close your bread or bagel bag, simply wrap the loaf in a moist paper towel and zap it in the microwave for 20-second increments. The moisture from the towel will soak into the bread to make it taste fresh again, but not enough to make it soggy. Note: Not everything belongs in the microwave.

Juice fruit with ease


Before juicing an orange or lemon, microwave the uncut fruit for 10 seconds. The microwave will loosen the fibers inside the fruit and make it easier to juice every last drop.

Toast nuts fast


Put a handful of nuts in a microwave-safe bowl, toss with a little oil, and microwave in 60-second increments, stirring after each minute. Overall cooking time varies depending on the type of nut, but expect it to take around five minutes. This trick also works for pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

De-clump brown sugar


When your brown sugar is as hard as a rock, try this. Moisten a paper towel, place it in the sugar bag, then zap in the microwave for 25 seconds. The moisture from the towel will transfer to the sugar and make it easier to scoop.

Speed bread making


Itching to make homemade pizza crust or bread? Yeast dough can take hours to rise at room temperature, but your microwave can proof yeast dough in about 15 minutes. Place an 8-ounce cup of water in the back of the microwave. Put the dough in a microwave-safe bowl in the center of the microwave and heat on the lowest power for three minutes. Let it sit in the microwave for three minutes. Heat the dough for three minutes more and then let it rest for six minutes. Your dough has now doubled in size and is ready for baking.

Smooth crystallized honey

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If your glass jar of honey has crystallized in the back of your pantry, simply remove the lid, and heat it in the microwave in 30 to 40 second increments until it returns to its original smooth texture. Be sure to not microwave your honey in those plastic bear-shaped containers.

Peel veggie skin faster


Hard squashes and root vegetables can be tough to peel. To make the job easier, place the vegetable in your microwave for 2 to 3 minutes on low power and the skin should be more pliable for peeling and cutting—just be careful when removing the hot veggie so you don’t burn your fingers.

Slice onions easier


To avoid crying when chopping, wash an onion, trim its ends, and microwave for 30 seconds before cutting. You tear up while chopping onions because the knife damages the onion’s cells, causing the release of sulphuric gas. This gas reacts with tear ducts and irritates the eye. Heating the onion first breaks apart the enzymes that trigger the gas release.

Cook crispier bacon


Place a bowl upside down on a plate. Drape bacon strips over the bowl, then microwave for one minute per slice of bacon. As its grease drips onto the plate, the bacon will become mouthwateringly crispy.

Froth milk

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Skip buying an expensive cappuccino machine. Instead, pour milk into a mason jar, no more than half full (to leave room for foam). Screw on the lid and vigorously shake for 30 to 60 seconds. The milk will turn to froth. Remove the lid and microwave for 30 seconds so the foam rises. Pour into your favorite coffee.

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