About food, I don't care about the color, aroma and taste, delicious will be right

For each one I'd indicate where I ate, or where it was made; Because the same food in different places can be very, very different.

The following foods are ranked in no particular order,  but all meet the requirements that I was surprised at the first time.

The mashed potato, the famous dish of century chef Joel Robuchon, was eaten in his restaurant in Sentosa, Singapore. Do not explain, anyway, I cheeky in this tall restaurant to eat three. One is about 10 dollars, after all when I go to this kind of restaurant, I can't eat potato puree only.

Mediterranean red shrimp, Singapore catallunya restaurant. This is the best shrimp in the world. If the shrimp is large, the meat quality and taste will be poor, so choose the normal size. Remember the most important thing is the dreamy shrimp paste when you have it. ! One is about 20 dollars.

Japanese strawberries, honeydew melons, bought in supermarkets. Japanese fruit is extremely expensive. The price of the honeydew melon is SGD. For the US dollar, I can only say that it is worth more than ten times, but it is about more 20% tasty than normal.

Mouse spot, Singapore's new dining room. About 100 to 200 dollars, this product has traditionally been considered the best grouper.

Puffer fish, Tokyo Yamamoto porpoise shop. I have seen the children’s shoes of "Love for 33 Days" and "Into the Master". The white child said is the goods. Super fat in winter. White is a seminal vesicle, not a sperm. In fact, it cannot be regarded as a blast. The package is coming. If you don’t count the wine, the most expensive meal you have ever eaten in this life is this meal. The average per capita is about 500 to 700 dollars.

Whale sashimi, Tokyo whaling house izakaya. In order to be environmentally friendly, try to eat less or not eat.

Sea urchin, Tokyo number, Yoshihashi, Jiro, and Roppongi branch. The number of Yoshiyaruya is the shop of the god of sushi, Onojiro. The shop where the old man can't order it, he went to the branch where his second son opened. He usually eats sea urchin sushi, and the weight is not so big. Horse manure sea urchin is such a wonderful thing, you can understand it. A meal of 20 sushi down about a thousand or two thousand soft sister coins, a single sushi 15 to 30 dollars.

Miyazaki and Niu, Kaohsiung cuisine in the mountains of Tokyo Dashan Hotel. This is the best way I have eaten the beef, the large slices, the pan is slightly fried, and then the raw eggs, the taste and taste are the ultimate. Almost 100 dollars.

Iberian pork chops, Singapore Sands Cut. The reputation of the Liberian ham is now very large, but such a good pork is better to eat with a pork chops. After eating this product, I realized why pork was called fragrant meat by the ancients. Then, see the wood, the middle is still reddish, good pork can eat like this. About $45 or more.

White truffle, Berlin Grill. White truffle risotto, the aroma is suffocating, this stuff plus beef is about 150 dollars.

Taihu hairy crabs, the best is to eat in Chenglongxing. Cheng Longxing’s crabs are about $15.

Barbecued pork, Liyuan, Vientiane City, Shenzhen, China. The production of each store in Liyuan is very stable. A fork-burning brand seems to be around 8 dollars.

American Rainier cherry, bought by the roadside booth. The deliciousness of cherries can save lives.

Baked foie gras, Shantou Binji Chenghai Sunan brine goose. I think it is more delicious than French foie gras! More importantly, you can eat the whole whole!

Porridge, China's Guangdong Shantou Gut Ting Yayue. A bowl seems like 1 dollar, simply said lard slag + chili oil + white porridge. Unconventional food, delicious food.

White-cut chicken, Shantou Nature Food Hall, Guangdong, China. Eat more farmed broiler chickens, this kind of nature-bred chicken is already a rare food. It only costs 2 to 3 dollars.

Beef balls, hand-made beef balls in Shantou, Guangdong, China. The best beef balls for taro. I have eaten a lot more in the taro beef balls. The first time I ate the younger brother, I was surprised by the taste and taste. This bowl seems to be around $2.

Braised goose, Wudi goose shop, Pengfa Road, Shantou, Guangdong, China. Like the younger beef balls, this goose is also the killer of other homes. Chun Meili was weak. A plate of 10-20 dollars.

Baked chicken wings, taro this photo is also used to charge. Style? ^_^ But it's just delicious. The amazing chicken wings that make me amazing are Huang Yahua of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Huang Yahua Snack Shop - Kuala Lumpur A chicken wing is less than 2 dollars.

Intestinal powder, Shantou people understand, and I think that the best thing to eat is Chaoyang sausage powder shop, a plate about 1 US dollar

Pan-fried Jin Yu Wang, Shenzhen people. The oysters are naturally wonderful, but the grandfather wants to take the scorpion king to dry, and the scent after frying is not oysters. One is about $10. It’s delicious to stop.

Biscotti Italian biscuits, cake house. As for the sale downstairs in my house, a box is about 10 dollars. Strictly speaking, this is not amazing, but it is a kind of "magic" biscuit, which will make people eat one by one, and the more they eat, the more delicious they are. I probably bought dozens of boxes with it. 

Dry abalone, Singapore sent a Chaozhou restaurant. The 10 South African dry abalone is about $200. Rich people are not stupid, dry Baogui naturally has its truth. It is not an exaggeration to say that the heart of the abalone is "the supreme Chinese cuisine"; I am eating the plate.

Hearty eggs, each Japanese ramen shop. It was originally in the new Sapporo Ramen shop in Singapore; since then I have to add this egg to Japanese ramen. Approximately 2 dollars. The best thing I have ever eaten is in a wind hall.

Dandan noodles + ice drunk bean flower, Chengdu Xiao Tan Bean Flower. 1 two less than one dollar. I wrote this before: "Small bowl of dandan noodles, the table is not eye-catching. First, don't mix, try the pure noodles, the teeth are fragrant, praise! After the fabric is good, the aroma is tangy, chewing under the spicy The fragrant, meaty, and numbing sensations alternated, and the cows were full of instants. There was a novel that said that someone tried to hang on a cherry tree, and picked up a cherry before eating it. It was instantly touched by the deliciousness of the world. I think that the dandan noodles of Xiao Tan Bean Flower can also have a similar and touching effect. After eating the dan dan noodles, come back with a bowl of ice drunk bean curd. If the dandan noodles actually have a spicy taste, they will also be The ice drunk bean flower is taken away. It is cold, fragrant, sweet and sour; it has a completely different taste from the dandan. This is the warmth on the tip of the tongue."

Raw pickled hairy crabs, research institute of Shantou Chaozhou, Guangdong, China. This is the taste of the food that people have dubbed "poison". After falling in love with this ecstasy fresh food, I saw that the hairy crabs don’t want to be cooked.

Steak, Baby Beef Rubaiyat, Sao Paulo, Brazil. About 100 dollars a guest, I have eaten the best steak in my life! The taste is fuller than all the other steaks I have ever eaten.

In fact, there are still many, many. . . Stunning food is everywhere, no matter how expensive or cheap , you just need to explore and appreciate.

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