5 very practical kitchen tips, kitchen ideas

There are always stains in the kitchen?
There is always a lot of work in the kitchen?
Actually not, but you lack tips,
Teach you a few practical kitchen tips,
Simple and practical, making your life more convenient.

Let's take a look at some kitchen tips!

Kitchen life tips: cleaning the grease on the rag

First prepare a pot of hot water, then put the greasy rag into it, then pour in some baking soda, soak for 2-3 minutes, and finally take it out and rub it with your hand. The rag is immediately clean.

Kitchen life tips 2: Prevent trash cans from bugs

If the trash can in the kitchen is only a few days, it is easy to get bugs. Don't worry! Just pour some baking soda into the trash can to prevent the garbage in the trash can from generating bugs.

Kitchen life tips 3: fast bubble black fungus

How many hours does it take to get black fungus every time? To teach you a trick, just prepare a closed container, then put the black fungus into it, and pour the water, then add some white sugar, and finally shake for a minute, the black fungus can complete the bubble.

Kitchen life tips 4: Prevent rice insects

What if summer rice is easy to grow insects? Learn this trick, you can make rice not worms once and for all. Just wrap the pepper in a paper towel and stuff it into the middle of the rice to prevent the rice from being wormed.

Kitchen Life Tips 5: Remove stains from the faucet

First prepare a container, and pour some white vinegar, then add some salt, then damp the paper towel in the solution, then wrap the faucet with a paper towel, put it for ten minutes, then take it off and wipe it with a dry tissue.

 After reading this life tips,

I still think that the work in the kitchen can't finish?

Hurry and learn these tricks,

Learn these kitchen tips,

Make your life more convenient.

5 simple and practical kitchen living tips,

Have you learnt that?

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