3 signs that a girl is getting more and more beautiful


What is a girl with independent thoughts?

One of the most recognized answers is:

Going to the library, shopping, traveling, chatting, and attending activities with her is much more intense than pushing her down.

You appreciate her world and will more clearly discover the beauty of the world.

A few days ago, Prince Harry of the British royal family was married, and the guest lineup for the wedding was extremely luxurious.

However, in the crowd, there is a bright yellow that attracts everyone's attention.

Amar Clooney wore a bright yellow dress and an elegant hat. The style was bright and moving.

Her presence is too conspicuous, making her husband, Hollywood's famous movie star George Clooney, a supporting role.

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Who is George Clooney?

He is the dream lover of many actresses, and is a Hollywood unmarried person who has claimed several times that "the wife is not as good as the pig."

Until the lawyer Amar, this smart woman with her own independent thoughts.

George Clooney said in an interview that he will never forget the first meeting with Amar:

"We just kept chatting and talking all night. God, it feels so wonderful.

The topic of their first date was actually the Syrian satellite issue.

They have a common view on many international and social hotspots, and they are always able to chat.

Amar's knowledge, unique insights into the problem, and the resolute manner in his work made George Clooney become her younger brother.

Some people say: "The brain is the sexiest organ of humans."

The girls around me who have independent thoughts all have this in common:

They will not pin their own lives and hopes for happiness on other people;

They can calmly face the secular vision and pursue their favorite life, career and love;

They have clear goals, long-term planning for the future, and their experience, vision, and common sense are their emboldenedness.

There is a sea of stars in their world, and there is a desire to make people want to know more.

Freedom, calmness, calmness, and elegance all come from independence. Independence allows you to not depend on others and not fear the future. Independence is the foundation you will never use.

One of the signs that a girl is getting better and better is to be passionate about developing her own independent thinking.

Thoughts are independent enough to firmly control one's life.

Life should eat three bowls of noodles, one is decent, the other is the scene, and the third is the feelings.
Girls who like to think about others and know how to give them a face will always make people feel good.

When I was still in college, a school sister left a deep impression on me.

There was a community gathering, and the original entertainment project was just watching movies.

Later, everyone felt that they were not happy and suggested to go to dinner.

When passing by a seafood cafeteria, several boys talked about whether or not to have it.

At this time, Fan Fan, who had been silent for a moment, suddenly stood up and said that he still had something to do, and he had to go home first.

The scene became a bit awkward. Everyone advised her to stay and eat together and go back. Fan Fan just looked down.

And the school sister standing next to her, quietly took Fan Fan’s hand and said:

"This is the case. She promised me to accompany me to buy the same thing at night, a little anxious. We will not have dinner with everyone, you have fun!"

When they said that the two people went far, the others did not go deep into it and went into the cafeteria to have a meal together.

Until later, I learned more with Fan Fan:

Fan Fan's family is not very good, a buffet of 199 yuan is bound to be a big expense for her.

The school sister clearly noticed Fan Fan’s embarrassment and quietly solved her problem.

Both safeguarded her dignity and did not sweep everyone's interest.

The famous American travel writer Kairuyak said: "Teaching is a kind of good thing to say."

Getting along with educated girls always makes you feel like a spring breeze, warm and comfortable.

They have others in their hearts, and they are good at others and feel sincere.

They never evaluate the right and wrong of others, and try not to trouble others.

I saw a little story before:
A Japanese girl, a colleague gathered for a drink, and I especially wanted to vomit when I got home by tram.

But she couldn't vomit herself in the car, but she couldn't help it, and she spit in the sleeves of her coat.

In the big winter, I took my sleeves and got out of the train to get rid of it.

People with empathy always like to think in terms of empathy, and they can feel comfortable whether they are talking or doing things.

The second symptom of a girl getting better and better is to have the education for others.

There are too many people with giant infants in the adult world. Only those who know how to think about it can gain a sincere heart in this complicated world.

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There are some girls around, always like to set a flag for themselves, the thing that persists the most is to persist.

Determined to lose 20 pounds in 2 months, the result of the weight loss plan has not been implemented for a week to give up completely;

Joined a group that read a book every week, and each book turned over 10 pages, and never moved again;

I plan to go to bed early every morning to get up and take care of my skin. As a result, I still keep vibrating and Weibo every night.

People are inert, and it is really not easy to change.

But there are always some girls who have lived up to the envy of everyone.

A beauty she can always do everything to the extreme, and strive to be a better self.

I love sports and like to participate in various marathons. Running, yoga and tablet support are part of my daily life for her;

Pay attention to health tonic food, often eat a few red dates, wolfberry, red bean coix seed soup, filling gas and blood drainage edema;

Her life has never followed the rules, but often breaks the rules and constantly challenges herself.

She will never set limits for herself and will always try new possibilities.

She once said in an interview: "The meaning of life is to do what you love, not to live on the spot."

Girl, do what I want immediately. Go to reading, exercise, think, and explore a broader life.

The never-ending delay will only create oneself in the same place.

The third symptom of a girl getting better and better is to constantly explore a better self.

I hope that every girl can embrace life, meet every challenge, and never give up improving herself.

Life has never followed the rules, but often breaks the rules and constantly challenges itself.

Girl, go and see it as soon as I want it. Book, exercise, think, and explore a broader life.

The never-ending delay will only create oneself in the same place.

On the road of life, to do my best to pursue the life that truly belongs to you, to taste the life of bitterness and pain is the life of charm.

Let yourself become better and better, it is a lifelong practice.

The more you learn and the more you know, the broader your vision, experience and thoughts will be.

Keep your curiosity about the world and you will see the possibilities of the world.

Break all the labels, constantly challenge yourself, and you have more potential to be tapped.

mutual encouragement.

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